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New in version 13.x there is a built in help system that guides you
but heres a quick overview about how you use our system.

How to use your control panel?
Panel is very simple, in the middle of screen you have your information which you can update if needed by changing a value and clicking Update button below.

On the right part of the screen are your available options, there you manage your car, run simulations and contact us!.

How to add cars?
When you just get into your virtal garage, 4 diferent options are provided to you, the best option depends on your knowledge, if you are an expert just go to the first tab which is the Engine specs and start writting the car specifications.

Another option, only available for PRO users is the auto-complete specs, just select the brand of the car, just the line, trim, and other details and the system will look into our database for a car that match that details, that easy, that fast.

For non-expert enthusiast you could find very useful the community database, you choose amoung more than 1000 vehicles, its very simple, just go to the database page (our system open it automatically if you enable pop ups), copy the specifications and paste into import tab and you are done.

Starters can use the 1-click option that instantly add a pre setup car to start learning how to use the sim

How to run a test?
When you add a car our system will ask if you want to go test it now, if choose OK it will take you to test menu, but you can always go there anyway by clicking the Run Simulator option on your control panel. There is diferent pages to choose tests, make sure you navigate amoung them and choose the one you want.

All tests follow the same 4 step pattern which is easily identifiable with the built in help that tells you the step order
1) Select your car, you do it by clicking the combo on the top of the screen
2) Setup the test (if needed), some test require input from you for example, the track test requires you to choose one of our built in tracks or design your own (PRO only)
3) Run test, just click and let our system do the hard job
4) (Optional) Export of results, you can easily create an image ready to print by clicking the blue printer logo at the bottom of the screen, special test like Rank test gives you extra export options

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