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NxGTR Car Performance Simulator
NxGTR Simulator
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Unlimited Cars

0-60 and 1/4 Tests
Real-time statistics
NA and Forced Engines
Manual and Auto
Car Tuning
Drag Racing Modeling
Track Race Simulation
Specs Banner Generator
Magazine Report Export
Drive your cars in 3D

Pre-designed cars
Environment Control
Custom Torque Curve
Dyno Simulator
Datalog Export
Interactive Shifting
Advanced drivetrain
Community Track Catalog
Fuel Consumption
And... more stuff!

NxGTR PRO + 3D Add-on

$8.99 USD

    • GTR Simulator PRO Edition
    • Add-on with 3D Driving Simulation
    • One year subscription
    • Tuning Assistance
    • 1500 Advanced Simulations

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