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What is NxGTR Sim?
It is a vehicle physics engine that simulates how a land vehicle performs given the specifications provided, this program does 1000 math integrals per second to calculate vehicle performance from stand up to is maximum top speed.

There is diferent test to choose with diferent approaches like power, acceleration, speed, drag racing and more, users with PRO accounts have access to advanced features to even more exact results, all this results are real time calculated so you can even design your own cars!

Install or fully use it online
Built with a technology called Silverlight, our simulator is capable of run inside your favorite web browser, the whole system runs on our servers so your computer is free of resources, the only you need is a Windows or Mac machine and install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin, this is done automatically the first time you access and its done in seconds.

Instalation is done just 1 click away, and you will have the physics engine downloaded to your computer and shorcuts created automatically at your Desktop and Menu for easy access later.

Real time information
Our physics engine is capable of produce results as fast as our servers process your data or use the advanced real time function to produce results just like in real life, if a car take 5.0 seconds to reach 60 mph, our system will do 5000 math integrals and notify you how the car is going, up to 30 times per second and you will reach the top speed in the same time than the car does.

For Magazine test, a virtual dashboard is created each time you select a car, this dashboard is created instantly and especific to the car selected.

Environment conditions
One problem in trust magazine reviews is that they are done most of time under conditions that we as user can not replicate, for example, if a car is tested on San Diego, United State close sea level, that results are worthless if you live in La Rinconada or Mexico DF which are at  5100m and 3531m respectively over sea level.

With our physics engine you are capable of control this variables otherwise impossible to find out results that indeed be useful for your specif conditions, other parameters are configurable, like pressure, air humidity and temperature, all just a click away!

Leave nothing to chance
It is, and always will be impossible to have a 100% accurate simulator, however there is some details that makes this tool the most accurate so far, details like the one implemented in Drag Race test where you are able to setup not only your weight as driver but the weight of your rival too in the seek of more accurate results.

Go beyond simulations
Our physics engine is capable of create real life tests to be executed on your car, a custom test especifically design for your car NOT a car like yours, for instance, if you change your tires or rims, your test wont be the same as your same car with other wheels.

Test your car anywhere in the world
We have developed our own track specification language to give you the power of recreate any race track in the world, our physics engine is ready to support tracks that we do not even know they exist.

From starters to advanced
Our engineers have designed test to teach starters the effect of some perfofmance modifications in a car, of course the easiest the test the hardest to provide good results, however thousand of tests before releasing our mass tests provide you with the confidence to trust its results.

We have very advaced test too that have challenged the knowledge of many users around the world, NxGTR Sim is not a toy, not a game, it is tool to have fun and learn regardless of your knowledge level we assure you will learn lots of our physics engine.

Get social!
With the new export feature in version 13.x you can share your results on your favorite social network, there is even a specifally designed test that ranks your car and provide stats so you can compare results on an unified test with your buddies!

Woow... so you reached the end
There is still tons of features you will find on NxGTR Sim, you do not need to buy a pro account if you think the free accounts are enough to you, so we really suggest you stop reading now and see it for yourself, its Free and you can be testing cars in seconds.

If you liked our work support the team by getting a Pro account and enjoy all the benefits of being a Pro member.

Sincerely, NxGTR Team.

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