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NxGTR Car Performance Simulator
NxGTR Simulator
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What exactly is this thing?
Technically speaking, this is a "physics engine", basically it's a mathematical model that models the physical properties of objects in a given space under a given set of conditions

What is this again in plain English?
It's a tool that lets you create cars and see how they would perform (e.g. 0-60mph, 1/4 runs, etc..), this can be new car creations or replicas of existing cars.

Most of the car's performance metrics are already available online, how is this different?
Two key things, (1) when you check online results, the test is under their conditions (e.g. driver weight, altitude, temperature, wind, etc.), with this software you can create a test for your specific parameters. (2) You can model cars that are not yet available, e.g. estimate how the yet-to-be-released hot car would run as specifications like power, weight, etc.. are available or at least rumored in advance.

Garbage in - Garbage out?
Totally agreed. The accuracy of our simulations is a direct function of the quality of inputs, that's why we include pre-setup cars and also have checks in place to help you in the process. We also include an easy-car-designer.

How accurate is this software?
We seek to constantly improve the accuracy of our models. In our research (you can see it here) back in 2013 we observed around 97.06% if no environment control is in place, if we tune those parameters we have up to 98.66% compared to real-life values.

What are some practical applications of this?
One of the most common use cases is tuning expectations, you can test how a new product that advertises a +25 hp and a +10 lb-ft increase would change your car, e.g. see the 1/4 times reductions. Another one is to directly compare two cars for specific tests.

Is this a game?
While the 3D add-on is intended for gaming purposes the main software is for serious analysis. Advanced modeling output can be exported to tools like Microsoft Excel for deeper understanding and review.

What is the 3D add-on?
It is a small game that lets you drive your designs in a 3D world with pre-defined tracks or user-created scenarios.

How realistic is the 3D game?
It is totally arcade, not intended for simulations, it will be accurate at the acceleration level, but the driving is in arcade mode.

Do I need to pay for this service?
You don't, the basic analysis is completely free to run. If you just need a quick result for your car project, the free version would most likely be enough.

What are some key features in the paid version?
You can review a matrix comparison on our order page here for a detailed summary. But in general, the ability to drive your car in 3D and have access to advanced parameter controls.

Do you provide support for questions?
Every pro-account comes with 1yr support. We provide help for free accounts as well as resources permit.

Do you have plans to support MacOS or Linux?
We are currently working on a new version that will include cross-platform support, including native Android and iOS versions. At this moment only Windows is supported.

What’s with the "NxGTR" part, what is that?
Great question!, that's a long story you can read about it here. But in short, it is "Nx" as in the Nissan car from 1991-1993 and "GTR" as the high-performance designation.

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